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When you think of a VPN, you likely imagine accessing streaming platforms from anywhere in the world. While this is one of the possibilities, VPNs offer much more. The truth is, surfing the Internet isn’t the safest activity, and it’s more like an extreme sport —only most of us aren’t really aware of the risks.

VPN -Super Unlimited Proxy (VPNSuper for short) is a tool that helps enhance your cybersecurity. It keeps your online activity untraceable by intruders, whether they’re hackers, governments, or even Internet service providers.

Reasons to use a VPN, and VPNSuper in particular

  • Unlimited bandwidth: VPNSuper imposes no restrictions on data usage, so you can have unrestricted access to the web.
  • Server availability: with over 400 servers in more than 70 countries around the world, VPNSuper guarantees broad coverage. European servers are typically more reliable and perform better, with higher download and upload speeds.
  • Private, secure browsing: VPNSuper keeps your IP address private and your online activity hidden by using military-grade encryption protocol AES 256-bit, which grants a high level of data protection.
  • Kill-switch feature: if the VPN connection drops, the kill switch automatically disconnects your device, preventing unprotected access to the internet.
  • Bypassing geo-restrictions: this may be the reason that first comes to mind when thinking about a VPN. Streaming services are usually restricted and not available in certain regions, and VPNSuper allows you to access them, no matter where you are. One important limitation, however, is that it doesn’t have P2P servers. If you use torrents, you may want to go for another VPN app with dedicated torrenting support (that is, better speeds and connections fort his task in particular).
  • Financial security: shopping and banking online can be risky due to the important, sensitive data involved. VPNSuper adds an extra layer of security by encrypting it, allowing you to operate safely.
  • Protection on public WI-FI: most probably your device has warned you when logging into a public network, as it can be unsecure and vulnerable to hackers’ attacks. By using a VPN like VPNSuper you can navigate securely, as your data is encrypted and unreachable to hackers.

VPNSuper App availability and pricing

VPNSuper is available to be downloaded and used on a range of platforms, including iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android phones and Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, HUAWEI, and Chrome and more.

As regards pricing, you can use VPNSuper for free or upgrade to a Premium plan.

  • Free tier: offers basic functionality and access to free servers. This is a good way of testing out the service before upgrading to a subscription plan. The limitations to the free plan relate to the limited server locations and the slower browsing speed, which result from the higher traffic the free servers experience.
  • Premium: In case you're interested in getting a paid subscription for faster, Premium streaming, you can choose the one that suits your needs and budget best, and decide between a monthly and a yearly plan. A yearly plan grants more savings, so it's an interesting option. Bear in mind that any subscription plan includes a free 3-day trial for you to make sure you're making the right decision before going all-in.

User experience

VPN -Super Unlimited Proxy is really user-friendly, even if you have to endure ads while using the free version. This minor inconvenience isn't a big deal if you consider all the benefits of using a VPN. Sometimes it may be a bit slow to connect, or slightly reduce your Internet speed. Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi to make the most of it.

All things, said, if you’re looking for a decent, easy-to-use VPN, VPN -Super Unlimited Proxy is worth trying.


  • Unlimited bandwidth and generally-high speed connections.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Works well with most streaming services.


  • Not the best for torrenting.
  • Ad-supported free version.
  • Customer support is hard to reach.
17804 reviews



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