Do you find reading boring sometimes? What if someone else could read for you, so you just need to listen to the story while you do anything else that you want? Well, this is Audible, basically, a great app that you can install on any device and that offers millions of titles, podcasts, audios, and more. This app is a huge library where you can find the most popular books, and the best part is that you don’t need to read them at all because someone else will do it for you! Like a podcast or a radio show, now you have all the content available from this app.

Audible is a platform that has a lot of years online, and it is definitely the number 1 app in its niche. In this app you can find any book you want and it will be audible, that means that you have the entire book in an audio format that you can enjoy any time you want. To download Audible on your device you just have to tap on the download button down below, and this will redirect you to the app store to install the app. Once you have it on your device, you can start listening to all your books.

Find millions of books to listen

If you feel like reading is boring or it takes too much time, then Audible is the perfect app for you. You can still catch up with your reading list but without leaving behind what you need to do. This app allows you to listen to any book you want, choose the speed and just invest yourself in a new world with little effort, while you listen you can keep doing your work, chores, driving, or anything else. This is the magic of audible, a tool that helps you to stay on top of your reading while giving you time and space to keep up with your day.

The app has a huge library where you can find from the classics to the newest releases. Browse through categories and genres easily, or just directly search the author or title you want. Novels, fantasy, short stories, romance, thriller, mystery, history, science, self-help and wellness, autobiographies, terror, books for kids, manuals, and so much more. The app has everything you are looking for, and a little bit more.

More than just books

Even though Audible started as a library of audible books, now it is expanding and offering great things. For example, you can find Audible Originals, a new section of books exclusive from this platform where artists, celebrities and other influential people are creating premium content on the app. These books can’t be found on another format or platform, only on Audible.

Also, the app is adding podcasts to the platform, so not only you can find great books, but also great shows. From thriller podcasts to mysteries, police mysteries, stories, fantasy, and more, the app offers a wide range of podcasts that are constantly bringing a new story to your ears.



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