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In this era it's common to receive unknown phone calls whether they're from telemarketers, scammers or just unwanted interruptions. Dealing with these numbers can be quite bothersome. This is where the Whoscall. Caller ID & Block app steps in providing a solution, for recognizing and blocking unwanted calls. In this article we'll explore the features of Whoscall, how it operates and why it could revolutionize how you handle your phone calls.

This ensures that you'll only get calls from numbers.


Database Feature

One of the standout aspects of Whoscall is its database feature. Unlike applications that rely on internet access to recognize calls Whoscall keeps an offline database of phone numbers. This allows you to identify callers in places with limited or no internet connection.

Custom Blacklist

You have the option to create a custom blacklist using the app. Easily add numbers you prefer not to receive calls, from simplifying the process of managing calls.

Spam Detection

Whoscall features a real time spam detection system. This system aids in recognizing and blocking spam calls before they reach you. Users can contribute by reporting spam numbers improving the accuracy and effectiveness of the spam detection system over time.

Whoscall Card

In addition Whoscall offers a feature known as Whoscall Card besides identifying unfamiliar numbers. This feature enables you to craft a business card within the app for sharing with others. It's a feature for professionals looking to easily share their contact details.

SMS Blocking

SMS Blocking; Whoscall not manages your calls but also includes a feature to block unwanted text messages keeping your inbox organized and clutter free.

Call History Insights

Call History Insights; The app offers in depth insights into your call history showing stats like the number of calls received missed calls and even spam calls blocked by the app. This gives you an overview of your calling habits aiding in better understanding your usage patterns.

User Experience

User Experience; The Whoscall user interface is simple and user friendly. Navigating the app is easy with its design and clear icons. Setting up the app is a piece of cake with a step, by step guide to assist users in getting started quickly.

Furthermore regular updates play a role in maintaining the reliability and currency of the application by incorporating the latest enhancements and features.

Security and Privacy

When it comes to using an application that requires access to your contacts and call logs ensuring security and privacy is of importance. Whoscall prioritizes this aspect by implementing security protocols to safeguard user data. The app refrains from transferring your contact list to servers safeguarding your personal information. Moreover all data transmissions are encrypted for added security measures.


To sum up the Whoscall. Caller ID & Block app serves as a tool for managing phone calls and messages efficiently. Its strong caller identification system, call blocking functionalities and user friendly design make it a standout solution for individuals seeking better control over their calling experience. Whether you're bothered by spam calls or simply want to identify callers before answering Whoscall provides a range of features aimed at enhancing phone usage convenience while minimizing disruptions. If you're facing issues, with calls giving this app a chance could prove beneficial.


  • Effective spam call blocking
  • Caller ID for unknown numbers
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive database of known spammers
  • Customizable blocking settings


  • Occasional misidentification of calls
  • Requires internet connection
  • Some features behind a paywall
  • Potential privacy concerns
  • Battery drain issues with prolonged use
4325 reviews



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