If you are looking for an internet browser for your mobile device, one of the best options you can consider is Opera. Along with Chrome and Firefox, Opera is one of the most widely used internet browsers in the world, and it has a lot of amazing features to offer you. Right now we show you everything you need to know about this application.

Opera is an internet browser that you can have on your Mac or Windows computer and that also has a mobile version for Smartphones and tablets. The mobile version of Opera, which we will be talking about in this post, is available completely free on Google Play and the App Store for Android and iOS devices.

We invite you to continue reading this post if you want to know more about how Opera works and why it is an excellent option as a browser for your mobile device.

Opera Browser: one of the safest internet browsers

Opera is a very light but complete browser that has all the tools you need to make your internet experience the best. Both in its mobile version and in its desktop version, Opera is lighter than other similar browsers, making it a perfect option if you want to browse quickly and use little RAM.

These are some of the most relevant features that Opera has to offer you and that you can start enjoying on any Android or iOS device:

Internet browser with VPN included

One of the unique things that Opera has to offer is a built-in VPN that you can turn on or off at any time. VPNs are very important tools that will allow you to hide your IP address so that no page or user on the internet can see it. By using Opera VPN, you will not only be able to browse the internet more securely, but you will also be able to access websites that are blocked by location.

A more secure browser

In addition to a built-in VPN, Opera also comes with its own antivirus and ad blocker. These tools automatically block malicious websites and downloads, as well as annoying pop-up ads.

Save time with the password manager

Now you can save the password of all the websites you want in Opera's password manager. This way you will save time when entering web pages and you will not have to bother remembering your passwords or having to recover them in case you have forgotten them. This feature also includes an option to automatically fill in forms.

Customize your internet browser

By using Opera on your mobile device you can customize the browser to your preference, adding pages to your favorites, bookmarks or changing the color of the theme to make it easier to read at night. Opera includes a home page with personalized news for each user.

Sync all your devices

Opera allows you to synchronize your session on all the devices where you use this browser. This way you can easily access your favorite pages and bookmarks, access the browsing history of other devices and more.



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