Taking an interest in caring for the planet and reducing our own ecological footprint is essential so that, together, we can make a change in the environment. That is why today we present an application that will allow you to take care of the planet while you browse the internet; Ecosia is an internet browser that plants trees every certain number of searches performed by its users. You can start taking care of the planet in the simplest way, using this app.

Ecosia is an internet browser that you can install on your Android or iOS mobile device, and also on your Windows computer. This platform has been around for more than 10 years, and they have a mission to plant a billion trees and so far they have planted more than 100 million trees in deforested areas.

This browser, in addition to helping the environment, has very good features, similar to famous browsers like Chrome or Firefox. This is one of the applications that we like to recommend, since, just by using it in your day to day, you will be making a great change on the planet.

Browse the internet while reducing your ecological footprint using Ecosia

In its version for mobile devices, Ecosia is an application that will allow you to access all the web pages you need, protects your privacy and is quite fast. This platform is committed to caring for the planet and they donate more than 80% of their profits to their commitment to reforestation.

Plant trees with your internet searches

Every time you use Ecosia to do a search or enter a web page, you contribute to the reforestation plans of this company. Approximately every 48 searches, Ecosia will plant a tree for you in some of the areas of the planet that need it most.

In addition to planting trees, Ecosia carries out empowerment plans for low-income communities in deforestation zones, offering jobs and bringing education and food to those who need it most.

A completely ecological company

Ecosia's main offices are located in Berlin and are completely powered by renewable energy, as they have their own solar power plants and do not produce CO2. As for the planted trees, each time a user performs a search on Ecosia, approximately 1Kg of CO2 is removed from the atmosphere.

Ecosia is the only Internet explorer, and one of the few companies in the world, that instead of producing CO2, reduces it.

Browser Features

Ecosia uses Bing! As a search engine, it is very fast and protects the privacy of its users. By using Ecosia as a browser you will be able to open several tabs at the same time, open anonymous browsing windows, save pages in favorites and make bookmarks to easily access the sites you visit frequently.

You will also be able to download content from the Internet and browse safely, since the app blocks access to all kinds of malicious pages. Ecosia is a browser that is worth using, both to explore the Internet comfortably and to contribute to a very good cause that helps the environment.



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