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Parler is a social network where you can update your status and share anything you want with others. This app was developed under the idea that anyone could share any type of content without being sensitive. And although this idea could be very good, some supporters of the Republican political party began to use this application to spread hateful messages and organize attacks on people. That is why currently Parler cannot be downloaded on any mobile device.

If you want to know more information about how this platform works and all that it promised, we invite you to continue reading this post. Here we tell you a little more about one of the most controversial applications of the moment and about its future on platforms for mobile devices. Find out more about Parler here.

What is Parlor and why is it not available on the App Store and Google Play?

Parler is a platform that was launched in 2020, before the US presidential elections. It was created by two conservative developers and focused on the issue of free speech. The idea of ​​this application was to be a micro blog, like Twitter, but where everyone can freely talk about any topic without censorship.

This application allows you to upload publications with short texts, upload photos, videos and access popular topics that were being discussed in your city or country. You could also send private messages and follow people to see their posts. A platform quite similar to Twitter.

The problem started because before the elections, people from the Republican party in the United States began to use the application to organize and attack other people. There is evidence that the attack on the capitol was planned through this app. The issue of racism had a lot of prominence, as did not very moral publications.

The app was removed from the App Store and Google Play as a way not to allow this type of speech to gain more force and more people were injured. Currently Parler can only be accessed through its Web version. When it is possible to redownload Parler on mobile devices, it will be because its creators have applied methods to prevent hate speech from spreading.

How to download Parlor?

Currently, the platform is undergoing reconstruction and modifications. You can see the main page of the application where the CEO updates some messages explaining the situation, so we have to wait until the application recovers and relaunches. There has been some news about the app's return to the App Store in 2021, but we still have to wait to see if this is true.

Once this is done, you can tap on the download button we put below to get this app. You can download Parler through the link we put there, which is the direct link to get the application from the official source. Once this is done, you will be able to log in or create your account and start using it.


  • Segmented subjects and categories.
  • Many topics to choose from.
  • It connects you with many people.


  • There are too many ads that make it difficult to use the app.
  • Not so popular, so there are fewer users compared to other apps.
  • No filters by language or region, so you can be connected with people that don't speak the same language.
  • Users report poor privacy features and systems.
3669 reviews



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