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Social media platforms are popular nowadays, but these can be quite heavy for some devices. If you have a device with little storage, then you need a smaller version of the apps, like for example, Facebook Lite. Facebook Lite is a slimmed-down version of the Facebook app. It's designed to use less data and work well across different types of phones and networks around the world. If you want to download this app and know what you can do with it, keep reading this post.

Facebook Lite is an app that was created by Facebook to provide a lower-resource experience for Android users. The app has been designed with the intention of providing a faster, more lightweight way for people to use Facebook on their phones. If you feel like the original app is too heavy for your device, then you should give it a try. Let’s see all the details about this app.

Is Facebook Lite different from the original Facebook app?

Facebook Lite is a stripped-down version of Facebook that is designed for low-end devices and networks. It is available on Google Play and the App Store. Like the full Facebook app, it lets users share content, interact with friends, join groups, and more. You can find things like News Feed, status updates, photos, notifications, links shared by friends, live videos, etc.

However, this app doesn't include things like Pages or Groups which are only relevant if you're an admin or moderator with an organization page on Facebook. If you are, this smaller version won’t let you access your admin profile and make changes on your groups.

Why you should download Facebook Lite

Some of the main features of Facebook Lite are as follows:

The app is available on Google Play Store for Android devices, Apple App Store for iOS devices, and Microsoft Store for Windows Phone devices, supports low-end devices and networks: Facebook Lite is designed for smartphones and mobile tablets that don't have the resources to handle the full Facebook app.

Uses less data: Facebook Lite uses significantly less data than the full Facebook app. Uses less storage: Facebook Lite stores less data on your phone, so it's less of a drain on your battery. Requires less time to load: since Facebook Lite is a lightweight version of the app, it loads quickly on low-end devices. Is available in different languages: Facebook Lite is available in languages other than English.

To download Facebook Lite you just need to tap on the download button down below and then pick the app store that you need. Once it is open, tap on the Install button to get the app. This is a short process that will take a couple of minutes to have installed the app on your device. Once you have it, you just need to login with your account or create a new one.


  • This version of the app uses less resources, like less RAM, less mobile data, and less battery.
  • It has all the main features of the original app.
  • It loads faster.


  • The design of the interface is different.
  • Some features are not available on this version of the app.
  • It is possible that updates come later to this version.
116406 reviews



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