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Telegram X enhances user experience by incorporating functions that make messaging more convenient and enjoyable. Some of its standout features include;

Speed and Performance

A key difference, between Telegram X and the traditional Telegram app is its speed. Built on the TDLib library Telegram X is optimized for performance resulting in more responsive operations. Users often notice actions when opening chats sending messages and loading media files.

Enhanced User Interface

Telegram X showcases a polished and modern user interface. The icons are sleeker animations run smoother and the overall design is more user friendly.

This updated version of the user interface not enhances the apps visual appeal but also improves its ease of use.

It becomes simpler for users to distinguish between conversations adding a touch of enjoyment and personalization to the messaging process.

Controlling notifications is a breeze with Telegram X. Users have the flexibility to customize notification sounds choose which chats trigger notifications and even silence conversations for specified durations. This precise control ensures that users stay informed about messages without feeling bombarded by notifications.

When it comes to privacy Telegram X prioritizes user security. The app provides a range of settings that empower users to manage who can view their status profile picture and last seen timestamps. Additionally users can enable two step verification for a layer of protection safeguarding the privacy of their conversations.

Telegram X goes the mile in delivering a seamless user experience. With animations and improved handling of large chat groups the app incorporates subtle enhancements that enhance the overall user experience.

Efficiently managing groups can be challenging, but Telegram X simplifies this task, with handy tools.

Admins have enhanced capabilities such as customizing permissions for members allowing them to control aspects like posting limits and media sharing rights. This feature aids in maintaining order within the group without the need for monitoring.

Private Conversations

For individuals valuing privacy Telegram X offers chats. These conversations utilize end to end encryption guaranteeing that only participants can access the messages. Moreover secret chats offer functionalities like self destruct timers for messages adding a level of security to communication.

Cutting Edge Elements

Telegram X goes beyond refining Telegrams existing features; it introduces innovative elements that distinguish it from other messaging applications.

Revamped Visuals

Telegram X has significantly revamped its graphics engine to support immersive visuals and seamless transitions giving the app a more dynamic feel. This ensures operation even for intricate animations contributing to an enhanced user experience.


Being an experimental version Telegram X often introduces new features before they are officially integrated into the main Telegram application. While these features are usually in a testing phase they offer users a sneak peek, into updates.

This state of the art method ensures that users of Telegram X are always at the forefront of developments.

In conclusion Telegram X presents a range of features and improvements that set it apart in the competitive messaging app market. With its performance extensive customization choices and cutting edge features Telegram X aims to deliver an outstanding user experience. Whether you're a Telegram enthusiast or a newcomer to the platform Telegram X has something for everyone making it a compelling option, for your communication requirements.


  • Highly responsive and fast performance
  • Enhanced animations and fluid interface
  • Optimized battery usage
  • Multiple device synchronization
  • Advanced chat features


  • Limited third-party integrations
  • Potentially larger app size
  • Steeper learning curve for new users
  • Less widespread adoption compared to WhatsApp
  • Notifications can sometimes be inconsistent
8619 reviews



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