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Being a golfer I've always been keen, on finding tools that can help me up my game on the course. One app that has caught my eye is the 18Birdies Golf GPS Rangefinder. It's not your run of the mill golf GPS app; it comes with features tailored for both beginners and experienced players. In this blog post I'll walk you through what sets 18Birdies and how it can elevate your golfing experience.

Planning Your Strategy

This can assist you in planning your strategy avoiding risks and grasping the layout of the course. In essence it equips you with the know how to play rather than harder.

Enhancing Your Game

Shot Tracking

When it comes to enhancing your game shot tracking stands out as an advantageous feature. Using 18Birdies you can record each shot. Monitor key statistics like fairways reached greens hit in regulation and putts per round. Over time this information can help you spot trends and areas where you can improve.

Digital Scorecards

Say goodbye to paper scorecards as 18Birdies offers a digital alternative that allows easy updates on your phone. You can keep an eye on your scores in time and even share them with friends or on social media. It's a way to stay updated on your performance and showcase your achievements.

Community Features

Recognizing golf as an activity 18Birdies includes various community features to foster connections among players. Here's what you can look forward to;

Friend Leaderboards

The app includes friend leaderboards where you can engage in competition, with your pals. You can check out how your scores compare and even have a chat. It brings a dose of motivation and enjoyment to your game.

Golfing Communities

You have the option to join golfing groups within the app to exchange tips arrange meetups. Discover new playing buddies. These communities may revolve around your location, skill level or specific interests in the sport.


A thrilling feature is the chance to create or participate in tournaments. Whether its a laid back weekend competition with pals or a serious event 18Birdies simplifies the process of organizing and overseeing all the specifics. You can also incorporate handicaps to make things fair, for everyone.

Integration and User Friendliness

User friendliness is key for any app and 18Birdies shines in this aspect. It seamlessly integrates with devices and offers an easy to navigate interface that even less tech savvy golfers can appreciate.

Wearable Device Compatibility

For those who utilize smartwatches or other wearable gadgets 18Birdies provides top notch integration.
You can access all the details conveniently on your wrist making it more convenient to use the app without having to constantly take out your phone.

Updates and Customer Support

The team at 18Birdies consistently updates the application introducing new functionalities and enhancing existing ones. Their dedication to customer service ensures that any problems you may face will be promptly resolved, ensuring an experience for you.

In Conclusion

In essence 18Birdies offers more than a GPS rangefinder. It serves as a encompassing tool aimed at enhancing your gameplay providing valuable insights and enriching your overall golfing journey. From course mapping and shot monitoring to engaging community features it serves as a one stop destination for all your on course needs. If you're seeking to elevate your game the 18Birdies app could be the companion, for you.


  • User friendly interface
  • Comprehensive course database
  • Shot tracking features
  • Social networking options
  • Free basic version


  • In-app purchases can be expensive
  • Battery drain issues
  • Occasional GPS inaccuracies
  • Limited features in free version
  • Ads can be intrusive
4160 reviews



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