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UEFA EURO 2024 Official

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Stay connected with UEFA EURO 2024

As soccer enthusiasts over Europe prepare for the UEFA EURO 2024 there's no easier way to stay connected and in the know than, by using the official UEFA EURO 2024 app. This user friendly mobile application is crafted to deliver the tournament experience right at your fingertips ensuring you catch every thrilling moment.

Schedule matches

You can even schedule matches on your calendar to make sure you don't miss any important games.

Detailed profiles

Discover detailed profiles of teams and players involved in UEFA EURO 2024 through the app. From player bios and detailed statistics to team formations and strategies you'll have all the details you need to become an expert on the tournament.

Customized content

Tailor your experience by choosing your teams and players with the UEFA EURO 2024 Official app. This allows you to receive customized content and notifications that are most relevant to you creating a platform for everything EURO 2024.

Exclusive videos

Access exclusive videos, interviews, behind the scenes clips and through the app. Enjoy content that offers a closer look at the tournaments action and its star players.

Easy to use interface

The user friendly interface of the UEFA EURO 2024 app is designed for ease of use. Its simple layout and straightforward navigation ensure access, to the information you seek. Whether you're keeping up with the updates checking out match stats or enjoying highlights everything you need is just a few taps away.

Ticketing section

Thinking of attending the matches? The apps ticketing section has all the details on buying tickets seating plans and stadium rules. Moreover fans can interact with fun features like polls, quizzes and fantasy football making the app not informative but also entertaining.

Latest news

Stay in the loop with UEFA and teams latest news. The app gathers news from trusted sources to give you a picture of all significant events. You can share your thoughts and engage with fellow fans on various social media platforms directly through the app.

Multilingual support

To cater to its fan base the UEFA EURO 2024 Official app provides multilingual support. This ensures that users, from countries can enjoy the tournament without any language barriers.

Immerse yourself in the tournament

The UEFA EURO 2024 Official app is essential for any soccer fan who wants to immerse themselves in the tournament. Packed with features, an easy to use interface and personalized content the app guarantees to keep you up to date engaged and right in the heart of the action. Whether you're at the stadium or relaxing at home this app ensures that every thrilling moment is, within your reach. Don't wait longer – download the UEFA EURO 2024 Official app today and prepare for an unforgettable soccer experience.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Real-time updates
  • Exclusive content
  • Personalized experience
  • Live match streaming


  • Frequent ads
  • Battery drain
  • Limited offline features
  • Occasional crashes
  • In-app purchases
362 reviews



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