YouTube: What's new on the world's most famous video platform

The video platform has shared with a privileged group of users the arrival of new features that seek to facilitate the user experience. At the same time, new parental control tools will be introduced.

Among the new features, the most prominent are: Read and send comments from the mobile phone while the user watches a video on TV and new parental control options. The Google-owned company has highlighted that the new tools launched, are features highly requested by users of the platform. By the beginning of the year, according to studies, viewers have watched every day more than 700 million hours of YouTube content through TVs.

New features for users

Among the new features of the platform this new year, is the possibility that users can use their mobile devices, while viewing Youtube through their TVs; to read or send comments, share videos, as well as other actions.

Youtube has enabled since last year the use of supervised accounts, where parents of the house can choose how to configure the content that fits for the smallest of the house in their different stages: childhood, preteens and teens. Thus, giving greater security to its users to control what they will see while using the platform.

For this year, Youtube will expand the supervised accounts with three new modes specifically designed for families: 'Music', 'Lounge' and 'Assistant'. YouTube Music: Streaming music platform. Another new feature this year is the incorporation of a function that improves sound quality by eliminating loud peaks and enhancing soft voices.

In the case of Youtube TV, it will be renewed with a more agile interface. It will incorporate Library and Live updates, which will allow its viewers to have more control and organization in the contents they want to watch.

Youtube and the Metaverse

The famous platform does not lag behind by also referring to the current trend, such as the metaverse. Youtube has assured that they have great ideas to make the visualization more immersive; sources assure that the first field where new innovations will arrive will be in the games.

New features for Content Creators

Youtube announced that among its new features, there will also be updated features for content creators on the platform. Allowing them to include new video effects and editing tools, these new features are in addition to the one introduced last year; audio mixing.

For those video creators on Youtube Shorts, they will also have an additional way to connect with their audience through a feature that will let them respond to individual comments by creating a Short.

YouTube shorts

Youtube has announced that Shorts will be getting new ways for content creators to monetize on a trial basis. Through the option to create branded content by Branded Connect, add the Super Chat function for paid followers or offer the ability to purchase directly from a Short.

Youtube Live and its new features

The live videos on Youtube Live, do not lag behind, the time of viewing live diatio has tripled so far this year. Youtube will introduce collaborative live streaming, which will allow content creators to stream live together and the ease of being able to create broadcasts that are more interactive for their audience.

YouTube Gift Subscriptions

The platform has started testing gift subscriptions, which allows the possibility of subscribing another viewer to a live stream channel. Initially, it will be implemented in a small group of channels, but it is expected to be rolled out in the coming months. YouTube will always try to provide its users and its famous platform with the best tools.