WhatsApp and its March latest updates

Whatsapp is one of the most recognized instant messaging applications worldwide today. Looking for innovation to remain the preferred by users for this year 2022 has prepared new updates to continue positioning its popularity, and thus attracting all types of users to the platform; from the most fond of the use of emojis and stickers, to the administrators of Whatsapp Business accounts.

The application is in the relentless pursuit to provide its users with more fun and functional conversations, beneficial features. Providing tools to Whatsapp Business account administrators to indirectly benefit the knowledge and interaction of customers with any company that manages its interaction with the customer through Whatsapp.

Whatsapp has been gradually incorporating new features such as:

Emojis with movement

For those who love fun conversations, Whatsapp has thought of you and has incorporated to its range of emojis, the animated emojis; allowing its users to have more fun and dynamic conversations.

It should be noted that this functionality has been gradually incorporated by the application, one of the great examples is the famous red heart, when sending this emoji alone, the heart appears in a larger size and beating. Whatsapp seeks with this function to make our conversations with other people more real in the virtual world.

Locate nearby businesses, top for whatsapp business accounts

For those Whatsapp Business account administrators: the application will allow by searching the category in which a business is located to indicate its nearest location. For example, who wouldn't want to know which supermarket is closest to them in their neighborhood? Whatsapp will allow through the same application to tell the user which is the nearest supermarket.

Create a subgroup within your whatsapp groups

Another new feature that Whatsapp will allow us is the creation of subgroups within the same Whatsapp groups. The administrator of a group can create up to 10 subgroups for each group created. This new feature will be useful to avoid that a user is in several groups, being the only variant of the groups its members. A new feature that I personally love.

This new feature is still in testing period and is managed as a concept.

See your profile picture in your notifications

Whatsapp will also include among its most anticipated updates to be able to see the profile picture of the person you are talking to from the notifications bar, without having to go to the application to perform this process.

Hide last connection to unwanted users

A feature that already gives us Whatsapp is to hide the last connection to our contacts, but this function applies to all your contacts. Whatsapp gives us for this year an improvement in this area, allowing the user to hide the connection only to specific users. You will no longer have to hide your last connection just because you don't want your boss, coworker, friends or any conversation with someone you want to avoid to know what was your last connection time.

Many of these Whatsapp features are being tested in its Beta version on some devices, we look forward to enjoy them as soon as possible. Whatsapp developers are constantly looking for new concepts and studying, through Beta versions, which features require more demand from users and which are the most acclaimed to include among Whatsapp features for this year.

As we indicated above, Whatsapp keeps looking for tools that provide its loyal users with a simpler, safer and more dynamic digital communication and in addition to that; it provides tools for communication from anywhere in the world to be as close to a close chat.