Twitter is releasing new updates for this month

The new updates proposed by Twitter for both individual users and brands surprise every year with new functionalities or improvements to the existing ones. For some time now, a tweet has become a complete experience where in addition to the 140 characters known on the blue bird platform you can attach images, videos or hashtags to make a tweet a complete information experience.

The main function of the update and inclusion of new features is to facilitate and improve the user experience. Twitter has introduced to its platform the use of: polls, quick interactions, attach GIF's in real time directly from the platform, direct video streaming via Twitter. In June of this year, Twitter announces a series of new features to be added to its platform.

Images and videos will no longer count characters

Good news for all those content creators who feared the famous and terrifying red number in brackets indicating that you had run out of characters to finish your tweet perfect with your image attached. This new Twitter update will allow users to compose their tweet and if they want to attach an image or video to their tweet, Twitter will no longer count the multimedia content within the characters of the tweet.

Uploading long videos

When uploading a video on Twitter, the application gave us a time limit of 30 seconds. With the new update presented by Twitter, from now on you will be able to upload videos up to 140 seconds. In addition, Twitter gives you the option to choose, in the case of videos that have already been created, a shorter fragment, a plus for branded content creators. A feature that will remain on the platform, is the option to include the audiovisual content to direct to the web we want, with description included.

Respond without fear

Thanks to the new update, when replying to any Tweet, the user @namestrange will no longer be present, nor will it be included in the characters of the Tweet. The update also applies if you want to tweet the same message to 3 people, you will still be able to cover the 140 characters with your own message.

Stickers for everyone

Twitter will not be the update that was left behind without the use of Emojis. Now you will be able to add emoticons to the images you upload on the platform through your mobile phone. In addition, after tweeting a photo with the stickers you selected, your image will be found with a new search. By clicking on a sticker, the person will be taken to a timeline where all tweets that have used that same sticker will appear.

RT your own tweet

The new update introduced by Twitter will add a bot to each user's tweets.

on to each user's tweets that will allow you to retweet your own message and make it visible (again) in your biography. In addition to being able to add comments.

Twitter Dashboard

Dashboard is a free tool aimed especially at brands. Twitter will allow through it, highlight the most urgent tweets and perform the scheduling of tweets in advance; a function that was only available so far in tools outside the company, such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck. It also includes a suggestion system that offers a series of ideas for tweets.

All the updates contemplated by the social network, personally, encourage the growth and elaboration of content, both for individual users, influencers and formally constituted brands, and formally constituted brands. These are the most relevant updates so far from the famous blue bird.