TikTok, the king of short video apps

The famous global community for short videos where you can discover, create and edit videos, to share them easily with your friends and the whole world; using special filters, funny stickers and including songs in your videos; is growing exponentially in recent times, Tiktok is on the list of the most demanded applications so far this year.

Increased Video Visibility

One of Tiktok's new updates is to increase the visibility of users who share their content through the platform. The platform is looking to evaluate a new button called "Repost", which will have a similar purpose to the retweet on Twitter, which allows users to re-share a previous publication. This option is very important for content creators on this platform to be able to re-share their content to their new followers on the application.

Short-lived stories

Like other social networks, Tiktok is working on a new feature that will allow users to create stories that will be deleted within 24 hours. However, unlike other social networks, it will have a special twist. Tiktok has made it clear that: "We are always thinking of new ways to contribute to our community and enrich the user experience". Tiktok is currently looking for ways to provide additional formats for users to bring to life the creative ideas they want to capture on the platform.

There is still no launch date for this new feature, although it is expected to be very soon. This new way of interacting with fans is already circulating among a select group of users.

Community rules update

The update of the Community Guidelines of a social network provides the millions of users with total security within the platform, which guarantees transparency and well-being on the platform. Such changes will be implemented in the near future, and these measures should be known to the users.

Restrictions on content with dangerous challenges

Tiktok will reinforce its policy to fight against dangerous challenges, which are currently proliferating on all social networks and which pose a risk to the lives of users. Tiktok will try to prevent the dissemination of such content by creating a separate category so that the social network community can be aware of when they are in the presence of explicit content. Tiktok invites users to report users who promote these types of challenges.

NO promotion of unhealthy habits

Tiktok has an important control on everything related to Eating Disorders, but from now on, anyone who promotes or promotes any type of unhealthy lifestyle habit; the same application will detect which content should be removed. Making it clear that the function of the platform will always be entertainment and not the promotion of inappropriate content.  Let's remember that social networks are a world where we find audiences of any age.

Prohibition of Ideologies that promote hate

With the new Community Guidelines managed by Tiktok, the platform seeks the prohibition of any kind of hateful ideology, and avoid the proliferation of content that promotes evil and hatred among users.

Increased security, integrity and more

In view of the exponential growth of the platform and the variety of content to which all its users are exposed, ranging from very young to adult ages, Tiktok is seeking to strengthen its Community Guidelines to protect its community. By updating the Community Guidelines, the platform will take the opportunity to expand the policies related to platform security, availability, integrity and other similar parameters. In this way, the application will provide its users with greater control in the surveillance of the material that they will view or to which the little ones of the house will be exposed.