Pinterest has release new updates on March

Pinterest is a social network that is growing every day. Its users currently exceed 400 million monthly active users. Like any booming social network, Pinterest is interested in changing its social media strategy and including a powerful visual search engine to its marketing mix. Pinterest is so appealing to the audience because of the ease of discovering new ideas and getting inspiration for their next project; whether it's home shopping, buying people or decorating ideas.

The images that can be found on Pinterest are mostly unbranded, an aspect that gives companies an edge in organic marketing strategy. The social network collects detailed trend reports in order to launch new fonuenciones and even to add new tools to the platform.

Respond to comments with an Idea Pin

Pinterest announced that it would be launching new ways for users to interact with comments on the platform. Somewhat similar to Instagram's feature that allows you to reply to a comment with video clip Reels, Pinterest is not lagging behind on the topic of user interaction on its platform. Now Pinners will also be able to reply to Pin comments with a "Pin Idea" video.

A tool that is being chosen by many social networks today. So that their users instead of writing long text responses, have the ability to record or upload a video through which they can respond to comments in a more dynamic, easy and interactive way with their audience.

Pinterest and Vochi: 2-in-1 video creation and editing

Speaking of innovation and experience improvements, Pinterest is adding another tool to its platform to help its users have greater success and reach for this new year. Pinterest acquired video creation and editing platform Vochi to begin expanding its video content capabilities and provide content creators with more dynamic tools to prioritize video content.

With this new acquisition, Pinterest seeks to expand its prominence within social networks, moving from being a simple static image board to become a space for content creators to share ideas in video formats.

Pinterest now available on Plann

Pinterest is now available on Plann. A tool provided to be successful on social networks, especially on Pinterest. From now on, you will get a faster and easier way to schedule your Pins, easier ways to connect your Pinterest profile on your device, save and share your pins together in one place. This tool will also allow us to plan and design your Pinterest strategy that belongs directly in Plann.

Story Pins

To the Pinterest community enters a new way to publish content: the famous stories pin. This feature allows you to create dynamic stories directly from the Pinterest bed, with videos and images with text overlay. In addition to this, users of the platform will be able to add an informative page with the list of ingredients of a recipe, for example.

For the first time, the application will resort to and include dynamic posts to invite users to interact with content creators and the general public. Unlike the temporary stories on other social media platforms with a fixed duration, Story Pins can be saved to dashboards just like any other post. They will appear both at the top of the app and in search results. Some of the creators who will initially test this feature are: Coco Bassey, Camille Styles, Shaquita, of Unconventional Southern Belle, and Jazmine Ford, of Finding Uphoria.

As we can see, the company's interest in evolving and providing its users with tools to be able to exploit all the benefits that the social network could have, are real. Pinterest is undoubtedly looking to grow in this world and what better way to do it than bringing this series of tools perfect for content creators.