PayPal renews its app and adds cryptocurrencies

One of the most popular and profitable fintech of all times is PayPal, a very well known platform that is accepted in almost every country in the world. With millions of users, this app is considered extremely safe, reliable, easy to use and understand, no matter where you are, you can easily download PayPal and start using it immediately. This platform has been on the market for many years now, and with the new technological advances, it is clear that the app has to adapt itself to the new world.

One of the main changes that we have seen in the financial sector around the world, is that now cryptocurrencies are taking more and more space. Even though some specialists are still skeptical, it is without any doubt getting more popular among regular people and businesses that want to invest. From entrepreneurs, companies, startups, and just common men, everybody wants to participate in this new trend. Of course, fintechs like PayPal also want to jump in.

PayPal releases new design and new features

The PayPal app has looked the same for a few years now and it seems like the company wasn’t really interested in a makeover. However, cryptocurrencies and its popularity is definitely a huge market and something that a company like PayPal is interested in. Of course, it didn’t take long until we saw new changes on the app and the announcement of a new feature for this sector.

PayPal already is a wallet and it can even work as an exchange between different coins. If you have U.S dollars but you need to pay in AUS dollars, for example, the app will make the exchange automatically. So, it already has two functions that are essential for cryptocurrency, now it just needs a special feature dedicated to it.

The new upgrade of the app has exactly that, a new wallet where you can keep your cryptocurrencies, you can exchange, and it seems like you can even buy and sell easily. This new addition to the app puts the company on the top again, adapting its platform to users demands.

The app adds new features to manage your finances

Not only did the app change the design of the app, but it also added new features to manage your money. One of these is the saving plan, a new option where you can put a goal to save money, and little by little save money until you complete your goal. This new saving program is a great addition that transforms PayPal into a complete finance app. We already had a wallet, now we can also have help to manage our finances, organize our business, and even check the statistics about our performance.

These new features are a complete makeover of the app that made them more helpful, useful, and interesting. It is expected that more people join the app or they start using it more just because of these additions.