Now it's here the most awaited update for Snapchat

Snapchat had a great reception when it arrived in the world of social networks. This application allows you to enjoy from the beginning the publication of photos and short videos with the possibility of using filters; which, at that time was a total novelty in the world of social networks. Thanks to its enormous fame, many applications opted to include these options in their Stories (Instagram, Whatsapp, Meta or the previously known Facebook).

Snapchat will allow you to change your username

The application will allow its users (who already have users on the platform) to change their username, if they wish. This option will be available for both iOS and Android users. Users should keep in mind that this option will only be allowed once a year, therefore, they should be sure of their new username, because once changed, there is no turning back.

Snapchat updates the Privacy of its Users

Snapchat announced that they will improve their Privacy Terms for minors to prevent adult strangers from contacting them. It is no secret that we live in a digital world more than ever, where Internet access is not limited at all, which, for parents tends to be a problem. Today, many tweens and teens have mobile devices that allow them to have a direct connection to the internet, where they have the facility to install on their devices all kinds of social networks, such as Snapchat.

Due to these facilities, every day young people are exposed to different kinds of dangers. That is why most social networks and mobile applications today, have been making updates to applications in order to protect young people. One example is Instagram, which added a feature that allows parents to set time limits on usage, in addition to helping younger users take a break from using the mobile app. Snapchat will also integrate a filter to protect young people from bullying, strangers and drugs; this new tool will be called Quick Add.

This new function will allow young people between the ages of 13 and 17 not to receive suggestions of friends from other people, but this will depend on the number of friends in common that the user's contacts have.

Better parental controls

In addition to the introduction of Quick Add to its functions; Snapchat is working on other new parental control functions so that parents can take much more control of the activities that their children do through the social network.

These updates are already looking to start rolling out, as they are in the process of review since last fall, the directive of the application advanced that: "In the coming months, we will share more details about the new parental tools we are developing, with the goal of giving parents more information about who their teens talk to on Snapchat, while still respecting their privacy."

Here's to more fun and dynamic chat

Snapchat not only seeks to improve the privacy terms and the control that parents can exercise over their children's use of social networks, but also seeks to innovate and provide tools to its users. The famous mobile application has presented different methods of fun to its users, such as: bitmoji, chat responses, poll stickers and an improved call interface.

Definitely, the updates presented are excellent news for younger users, as they will be able to navigate the social network in a safer way. As we can see, as the Internet is a complex and unlimited world in terms of the content that we can get through it; the different social networking platforms are in an unattainable search to provide its users with security, tools, means of entertainment as long as they are consented and based on the respect and safety of all users.