Now Facebook allows you to create an avatar and use it as stickers in Messenger

If you are a lover of sending stickers, you will love this new way of creating personalized stickers with your face through Facebook. Since the creation of Meta, the company has sought to include new ways to facilitate communication on its chat platforms, such as Messenger and Whatsapp, and one of the new ways is through the creation of a completely customizable avatar.

After creating the avatar, users will be able to use it in many ways, which we will detail later, and one of them is being able to have stickers with your face to send to all your friends through Messenger. This feature is quite new and it is expected that later it will also be available for Whatsapp and Instagram chat.

Steps to create an avatar on Facebook

Those who want to start sending personalized stickers with their face will have to follow these instructions. Creating an avatar on Facebook is quite simple and can be done from Android and iOS devices.

The first thing to do is open Facebook from the application for mobile devices and go to the options menu that you will find in the upper right part of the screen.

Scroll down the menu until you find the 'Avatar' option. You may need to tap 'show more' at the bottom of the screen in order to see this option. This will take you to the Meta avatar creator and see an explanation of everything you can do with your avatar after you create it.

Finally, you only have to create your avatar by choosing the features of the face, hair, and clothing. There are a lot of options to make your avatar look as similar to you as possible. You can also create an avatar completely different from your physical features, letting your imagination run wild with the available options.

Steps to make the avatar into a sticker for Messenger

After creating the avatar, the platform will take you back to the home screen, where you can see all the features available to your character. In the list of options, you can see a collection of stickers that the platform has automatically created from your avatar and that includes all kinds of funny situations and funny gestures.

To share a sticker on Messenger, just click on the sticker you'd like to share and an options bar will appear at the bottom of the screen. Choose 'share on Messenger' and then the contact you would like to send the sticker to and that's it. In addition to this, you will be able to use your avatar to create a photo for your profile, make a post on your Facebook feed and much more.

Another, much easier way to use your avatar in Messenger is to open the app and look for the stickers option in the emoji menu. In this section you can see all the stickers that Meta has created for you and you can use them in any conversation. Although the stickers feature is not yet available for WhatsApp, hopefully it will be very soon.