Netflix: service updates its subscription prices and proposes changes to its terms of use

Netflix, one of the biggest audiovisual content platforms of the moment, started this year with a lot of strength. Varying its content to offer its users a lot of new quality movies and series to watch.

Netflix will allow its subscribers to organize their "Continue Watching" queue for those movies or series they are currently watching. This will make it easier for them to remove content they will no longer enjoy.

This was officially confirmed on the Netflix blog:

"Starting today, subscribers around the world can remove a series or movie from their "Continue Watching" section on all their devices, including TVs, with the push of a button. Simply click on the series or film and select 'remove from continue watching' from the options page. If you change your mind, you can also undo the removal by clicking the back arrow button.

This update has not been applied worldwide, nor to all users due to Netflix verification codes that are still being tested. We will have to wait that with the passing of the months, Netflix decides to implement this retransmission to more regions.

Netflix: Will not allow account sharing between users

The streaming platform plans to update its terms of use. Netflix will prohibit its users to share their account with other people who do not live with the owner of the subscription. This practice, which is quite common among the platform's users, will be ended very soon.

This strategic business decision will be taken by Netflix in the interest of continuing to lead the global streaming market, and thus, get new subscribers with their own account; being in turn, beneficial for the company that has recorded declines in their numbers of new users.

To achieve this goal, Netflix has initiated the Account Ownership Confirmation process to a limited number of users. This message appears on the app's home screen, and instructs its consumers to make a new account in order to continue enjoying its content: "If you don't live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to continue watching."

That ad comes with the option to verify the account with a verification code, which comes via email or text message to the subscription owner. In addition to the verification process, Netflix allows users to skip the identity verification.

For Netflix users from an account that is not their own, this is not entirely good news, because even if you ignore the message, the application will at some point ask you to enter a verification code to view the content of the streaming platform.

Netflix will bet on the international market

The company is expected to double down on the international market. According to studies, more than 90% of subscribers who signed up during 2021 came from outside the U.S. and Canada, with strong growth in countries such as Japan and India.

The stagnation of the U.S. market does not seem to worry the big streaming platform, which recently announced a generalized price increase in the country. With rates ranging from: Basic Plan $9.99 (no HD, one screen at a time), Standard Plan (HD + 2 Screens) $15.49 and Premiun Plan (4K + 4 Screens) $19.99; the latter being more in demand.

A common theme among new users of the platform is the absence of the first free month that Netflix has offered since its inception; this offer attracted a greater proportion of users who were considering using the platform. Currently, the platform offers a new catalog of productions and series for all types of audiences.