META: the old Facebook and the universe of the metaverse

Meta or the old Facebook, still has the same functioning despite the name change that has emerged at the end of 2021. The organic reach of publications has been declining, because the algorithm of the publication aims purely for commercial purposes and forces brands to perform a series of guidelines.

In order to provide greater reach of content to its creators or users, some recommendations are provided in conjunction with the use of new updates and features of the application; which, as a user of the platform you should know.

Your audience: the most important point of your interaction

The application's algorithm prioritizes those publications with which users have had the most interaction, either through comments or Messenger. Based on this, for those content creators of brands or for those influencers, the more communication they have through the platform will be a great help to achieve positioning or have greater reach in the content. At the same time, the interaction that occurs in your publications thanks to the audience, show more times the content thanks to the interaction.

Keep in mind the objective of your publication

Whatever the content of your profile on the platform, be it video or image; it should get reactions, comments and shared links. Depending on the type of post, interactions can have a greater reach. A tool used by all platforms, stories provide a direct and quick link to the audience; being at the top of the platform page, they are a useful tool to evade the algorithm.

Update in the fan pages section

Facebook now has a news section, which works independently from the profile of the administrator or collaborators. By creating and linking a Facebook group to the page, the application prioritizes the posts of interest to the user, thus collaborating with the reach of the content. In turn, followers have the power to add pages and people as favorites; prioritizing content consumption, which helps pages or brands to open a direct path to the feed.

interface improvements

With the redesign of the website and the mobile application, we are looking to improve the user experience, facilitating their comfort through a more intuitive interface. Thanks to these changes, users will be able to perform tasks more easily and quickly, facilitating the use of all the tools provided by the application, without so much effort.

Uploading photos will be easier

Among those tools that allow users to perform tasks in a simpler way, is the ability to upload recent photos in your publications; having the images priority over the text when a post is shared, this tool especially allows businesses to obtain better results in the day to day of their publications, because the impact on customers or the public in general will be greater.

So, when making a new publication, we recommend you to use a striking image that integrates the identity of the brand or your own identity, harmony in your biographical profile. Thanks to the change of design for personal profiles, now we can show the world a more organized profile, where more importance will be given to the biography. This change also came to the profiles of company pages, to make them much simpler for all public.

New configuration for your mobile

Facebook has proposed to make life easier for its users and improve their experience with the platform. For the new design, they have reduced the number of categories that we could find in the menu and were changed some category names, so that the user of the platform can identify them more quickly. The categories that we will find in the new menu are the following: Account, Preferences, Public and Visibility, Permissions, Community Information and Standards and Legal Policies.