Learn how to activate the automatic replay messages on WhatsApp Business

One of the biggest disadvantages of instant messaging platforms is that there is no way to be offline, so we can receive messages at any time of the day. As we all know how annoying it is to have to answer messages at certain times of the day, especially if it is a work account, we want to show you the WhatsApp automatic message function.

With the automatic message function available in WhatsApp, a specific time can be established in which the messages that arrive will be silenced, but whoever writes will receive a pre-established message in which a greeting, service hours, instructions for contact by other means or whatever the user wishes.

In this way you will be able to have greater control over the hours in which you want to receive messages through WhatsApp, but without leaving your contacts without a response for several hours. This feature is available for WhatsApp Business. Find out how it works and how you can activate it.

How does the WhatsApp auto-reply option work?

WhatsApp Business includes a lot of useful features for businesses and this is one of them. The auto-replay feature has different functions, first of all, it will allow you to send an automatic message to your customers when they write to the company chat for the first time. Many people use this feature to greet the customer and specify some details about the communication.

Of course, you can add an apology message that will be sent automatically during non-working hours. This message can specify the hours of attention to the public or any other response that you wish to offer.

Finally, you can set some quick answers that, although they are not sent instantly, can be used to answer the most frequently asked questions by users without having to type them.

Each of these features will make it much easier to set up business hours for WhatsApp Business accounts and not be bothered outside of business hours.

How to set quick responses on WhatsApp Business?

All these functions can be found in the WhatsApp Business options menu, specifically in the quick responses section. To set a response, you just have to touch the + icon to add a new response, and configure what times of the day or under what circumstances the automatic response will be sent.

In the case of quick answers, after having added them, you just have to go to one of the chats and write '/'. This will display a menu with all the available quick answers.

Although this feature is not currently available for WhatsApp, there are some third-party apps that will allow you to send automated messages on your regular WhatsApp account. However, it is important to make sure that it is a secure app, since these work by requesting various permissions from the Smartphone.