Instagram and it's new big changes

In the constant search of mobile applications to provide their users with new updates and thus, a better user experience, the biggest of the big in the world of images and videos is not lagging behind.

According to Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, "We will be doubling down on our focus on video; we are no longer just a photo sharing app, and we will consolidate all of our video formats around Reels and continue to grow that product," he said.

Instagram's new features include improved messaging and linking with other apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Another functionality that Instagram will allow this year is the monetization tool to provide influencers the possibility that their platforms have greater reach.

Growth of Reels

Instagram's reels or "short clips" (very similar to the TikTok application) is one of the sections in which the app's developers are trying to focus on improving, as they are looking to stop the growth of the Chinese app.

They are looking for the reels to remain center stage in the app, thus providing influencers with a variety of possibilities for their positioning and reach within the platform.

Content Monetization

One way to provide your users with tools and options about their content, is to provide the monetization tool for Influencers content creators to make money through their content.

This functionality is already being worked previously in other social networks, where they have been adding options such as: subscriptions, direct means to send money and tip jars. One of the platforms that has been handling these options since last year is Twitter.

Improved Messaging

Instagram's management has been informing about its interest in making the most of all the qualities that the application has, including messaging. It should be noted that Instagram's communication service is managed under the same roof as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, both owned by Meta.

Chronological Order is back

It's no secret how Instagram used to manage its feed through "algorithmic dominance". Instagram reported that they have been working for months to return to one of the aspects that made the application known since its inception, the use of the "chronological feed". The social network informed that it is expected to be implemented again during the first quarter of 2022.

This option will not be mandatory for users of the social network, only those who wish to return to this option will be able to activate it through the configuration panel of the digital platform.

Video section in the Biography

From now on, through your User Profile on the platform you will find a section (indicated with the "Play" symbol) where all the videos uploaded to Instagram will appear exclusively. This new tool will allow you to find in a faster and easier way all the content you upload to the application through this format.

Instagram allows you to know Places

Through the Magnifying Glass section, users will be able to discover places to visit near their location at the given moment. Through this section, the application will make recommendations of popular stores, restaurants, etc. This search can also be done through hashtags.

Color palette in Stories

In case you haven't noticed, now when you upload an image in your stories, the color palette that appears corresponds to the predominant colors of your image, which allows you to achieve better compositions, designs and combinations for your stories. This feature will be of great benefit to those Community Managers or Content Creators, Influencers when generating their stories or post, all directly from the same application.