Important features are coming to Telegram

Telegram, one of the world's leading instant messaging applications, is rising in the world. According to Sensor Tower's application ranking, Telegram is the 6th most downloaded application in the world.

The app has been growing year after year and so have its users. Telegram is known for providing its users with much more protection in their conversations and for having an extensive list of many more features than WhatsApp.

By the end of last year, Telegram introduced to its features: Protected Content, Deletion of chats by date, Anonymous posts in public groups, Login with a call, Text and Image Recognition and Managing Telegram from other devices.

The new features coming now are:


Telegram was one of the first messaging applications to include animated emojis, but now they are also available to react to messages in our chats. To make use of this function, we just have to click on the message to which we want to generale a reaction and select the one that best suits what we want to convey.

In turn, Telegram includes to its extensive list of emojis, many more interactive and with new effects.


Now Telegram allows us to hide part of the text we write in a message. We just have to select "Spoiler" and the part of the text we select will be hidden. When you want it to be read, just click and the text will be visible.

Translations of messages

From now on you can translate any message to another language without having to leave the application. This function is available for Android and IOS (15 and later). For them it is necessary to activate the option "Translation in Settings/Language", automatically the option "Translate" is added to the menu that appears when you select to write a message.

Themed QR-Codes

Telegram will not only allow you to generate QR codes from your user account, but will also let you perform the action for groups, channels or bots.

In order to create your QR code, you must click on the new QR icon; which you will find next to the user's name or on the information page of a chat or group.

The application will allow you to choose the color and template you want, press print and you can instantly share the QR code in any other channel so that other users can connect.

Sticker Creation

As we all know, one of the strengths of Telegram compared to competing messaging applications, is its huge catalog of cartoons (emojis, stickers); which recently have their own animation allowing us to send a reaction without having to respond in writing a message. This catalog continues to grow day by day, thanks to the collaboration of the users of the application. Among Telegram's features, the application will allow its users to create a sticker through a video.

Obviously, users to create their stickers must follow some specifications requested by the application: the video must be in WebM format with Alpha channel, can not exceed 3 seconds, dimensions of 512 x 512 pixels maximum, weight less than 256KB. If these specifications seem complex to users, Telegram has a bot that will help them to create their stickers quickly and easily. The application will allow users to publish their own and other users' video sticker packs.

New Feature for and existing button

Telegram will allow through the button to go back, the possibility of holding it down to display a list of the most recent chats in order to provide its users with a faster and more agile navigation between one conversation and another. In addition to this new feature, the updates include corrections with which the Telegram developers department claims to have improved the call quality of the application.