How to create your own Spotify Code?

Music is part of life, and many of us feel like having music each day is essential to have a great mood. If we talk about popular streaming platforms, then we need to mention Spotify. This is the number one music stream app that everybody is using right now and it has revolutionized the market in just a couple of years. In this app you can find any artists, songs, albums, and even podcasts, and you can stream your playlists anytime you want.

If you know Spotify very well, then you probably have seen the Spotify Codes. These look like a wavelength and work exactly like a QR code does. Basically, the idea behind these codes is that you can scan it and have access to playlists that someone has created. Since its invention, a lot of companies have used them to share a playlist while people enjoy their products. For example, a cleaning company added a code so people enjoy a cleaning playlist while using the product.

But, what if you want to create your own code and share it with people? Is this possible?

Creating a code for your playlists

If you have a great playlist and you want to share it with people through a code, this is possible. And actually, it is quite simple too! This is a good option for influencers, business, or just to share with friends and family. You can do it directly on your device and it will take you only a few minutes. Let’s take a look at the steps to create your own Spotify Code:

The first thing you need to do is to open your Spotify app, search for the playlist you want to share.  Now tap on the three dots, where you can see an extended menu. Be aware to tap on the three dots corresponding to the playlist, you will see the option to share, and then tap where it says copy link.

Close Spotify, and now open your browser and search for the Spotify Codes webpage. Make sure to open the official webpage.Paste your link on it, and the web will create the code for you. That’s it! Now you have a Spotify Code of your playlist.  Something great about this option is that you can personalize your code. You can change the color, fonts, size, and background color. This is a good idea if you want to use it for something specific, like a design, marketing, video, or social media post. Once you have it done, you can start sharing it with friends and other people easily.

Another good feature that the webpage offers is that you can download different types of images. You can get a JPEG, PNG, or SVG format, which can help you to further edit it into images, posts or videos. When you finish, tap on download, and now start sending your code to everybody you want!