Role-playing-games or RPG are some of the most popular genres of video games out there. We have incredible titles for PC already, but now more and more of them are coming to smartphones and tablets. One of those is Stardew Valley, a popular title that millions are already playing on PC, but now more people have an opportunity to start on the smartphone. If you like this game or you want to know more about it, keep reading to find out everything.

Stardew Valley is an open-ended RPG that is based on country life. A very chill but interesting game that has many people invested since it is easy to play and understand, but also addictive and entertaining. To download this game you just need to tap on the download button down below, and this will redirect you to the app store you need, Google Play Store or App Store. Then you will be able to install this game easily in a couple of seconds.

What is Stardew Valley all about?

A family member has left you a farm, and you decide to move in and take care of it. But farm life has its challenges, and from the start, you will need to make a lot of improvements to make your field come alive again. From restoring the soil to fixing the house, you will have different missions to take care of the place, grow, and expand. The idea behind the game is that you can start making money out of the new farm and you grow as big as you can.

You can personalize your farm as you want to. Change the objects, move them, improve them. The bigger you get, the harder it gets to manage all the different things. But only a dedicated cowboy can make all of this work. Start making business and money through it, and you will be able to expand your empire.

Explore the different farms and places

The game has many places to explore, so the farm is only the beginning. On the outside you can find caves and beautiful landscapes, you can check them out and see what you can get. For example, in caves you might find hidden treasures or wild dangerous monsters that are really unique! The map is an endless field of surprises that you can explore each day.

If you complete all the missions perfectly, you will get rewards. These are good traits or buy certain things. You can also make more points by participating in the events, which can be weekly, daily, or monthly. You can participate in any of them and have fun while playing with friends.

Even though the game is very popular on PC, the app for smartphones is not behind and it has all the interesting features. So, if you already played it on PC, you can try this version and find all the objects and features that you already know very well!



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