Creating notes can be one of the most beneficial things to do if you tend to forget information quickly. If you love productivity and you always have many things to do, then you definitely need a place to put down all your thoughts, to do lists, ideas, information, and more. To do this now you can download Samsung Notes, an amazing app that you can use to create many notes on your smartphone or tablet. So, if you want to get this app, keep reading this post and we are going to explain to you how to do it.

What is Samsung Notes and how can we use it?

Samsung Notes is the notes app developed for Samsung devices. You can download it on your smartphone or tablet, and if you have many devices, you can synchronize your app in all of them to share files. In this app you are able to create many notes, just by typing and also handwriting, you can draw, add files, paint, and so much more. It is a great place to put important information, to create, remember what you need to do, and more.

As soon as you download the app, you can synchronize your Samsung account. This way, all the information will be stored in the cloud. Then, you can start creating any note that you want. The app helps you to create to-do lists, drawings and sketches, you can upload and open a file with it, share with others, and so much more. It is very simple to use and very intuitive.

Great features that you can find in this app

As soon you get this app, you will realize how simple it is to use, but even though it looks simplistic, the app is very complete. Some of the greatest features of this app is that you can find templates that you can use to simulate a notebook paper, a bullet journal sheet, a math sheet, a calendar, a planner, and so much more. You can even upload and use your own template if you want to.

Another amazing feature is that you not only can create notes, but you also can open files with it. If you want to read a pdf and leave notes on it, this is very simple, you can even hand write the notes that you want to leave there, add specifications and more. This option is amazing because you can personalize the type of pencil you are using, pick a color, choose the size, and more.

How to download Samsung Notes?

To download this app on your device, you just need to tap on the download button that is down below. This is going to take you to the app store you need, Google Play Store or the App Store. Once you're there, tap on the install button and accept the conditions of the app. In a couple of minutes, you will be able to see the app on your device and you can start to use it.



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