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You have the option to save your stories for offline reading at your convenience. This feature comes in handy when you're offline but still crave a read.

Tailored Recommendations

Pratilipi offers story suggestions based on your reading history and preferences helping you discover new and captivating content effortlessly.

User Ratings

Explore ratings from fellow users to gauge which stories are worth your time. You can also contribute your feedback to assist others in the community.

Engagement through Comments and Sharing

Interact with authors and fellow readers by leaving comments on chapters. Additionally, share your stories with friends and family via social media platforms.

Ease of Navigation

The Pratilipi Novel app boasts a user interface that is easy to navigate. Upon launching the app, users encounter a layout that organizes stories by genre for easy browsing. The search feature is comprehensive, enabling users to refine results based on language, genre, and popularity.

The reading interface aims for reader friendliness. You have the option to adjust the size of the text, change the background color, and set the screen brightness according to your preference. Additionally, there is a night mode for individuals who enjoy reading in dimly lit settings. These features enable a customized and comfortable reading experience on the Pratilipi app.

The Pratilipi platform goes beyond being a reading application; it serves as a nurturing space for writers and cultivates an active community. For budding writers, the app simplifies the process of publishing their work. Users can share their stories directly on the platform, reaching a wide audience.

Moreover, writers are provided with tools to enhance their skills. From writing prompts within the app to editing functionalities, Pratilipi offers support at every stage of an author's journey. Through its community aspect, writers can engage with readers directly and receive valuable feedback, fostering an interactive and encouraging environment for storytelling.

Furthermore, Pratilipi organizes writing competitions and events that allow writers to showcase their abilities and gain recognition. The robust support system for writers makes it an ideal platform for both newcomers and experienced authors.

In conclusion

The Pratilipi Novel app stands out as a platform that caters to both readers and writers. With its array of content, easy-to-navigate interface, and vibrant community, it has become the preferred choice for those who love engaging in storytelling. Whether you're in search of a captivating read or seeking a platform to showcase your creations, Pratilipi provides an inclusive and rewarding atmosphere. Don't hesitate to download the app today and delve into literary journeys awaiting you.


  • Wide variety of genres
  • Multiple regional languages
  • User-friendly interface
  • Interactive community features
  • Offline reading option


  • Limited availability of copyrighted works
  • Occasional technical glitches
  • Ads in the free version
  • Content quality varies
  • Limited search functionality
359 reviews



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