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In the age of smartphones, our screens are filled with apps that promise to make our lives easier. However, we never imagined that a couple of taps on our mobile device would give us the ability to get access to a car that takes us anywhere.

Welcome to the world of Lyft, the app that not only takes people from one place to another, but turns every ride into a unique experience.

Put on your seatbelt and get comfortable, we are about to travel to the universe of transportation apps.

The origin of an app on the move

Lyft was born in San Francisco in 2012, originally conceived as a project within Zimride, a carpooling platform. The app soon took off with its own identity. The goal was simple, but ambitious: To change the way people move around cities.

With a focus on the collaborative economy and human connection, Lyft set out to create a community where drivers and passengers could share more than just a ride. It wanted to foster trust, build relationships, and provide a convenient and reliable transportation option that could reduce traffic congestion and environmental impact while improving the urban mobility experience.

The ABCs of Lyft

Using Lyft is just as simple as ordering a pizza. First, users must download the app to their mobile device for free. The app is available for both Android and iOS and can be found in the App Store as well as in the Play Store.

Then, they must register with their phone number and some personal information. Once configured, they will be able to request a trip in a matter of seconds.

The users can simply enter their destination, confirm their pickup point and in the blink of an eye, and a driver in their area will be on their way to take them where they need to go. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Features that go beyond the ride

  • Lyft Line: A carpooling service that allows you to share a ride with others going in the same direction, reducing cost and carbon emissions.
  • Lyft Lux: Offers a luxurious touch with premium vehicles for those times you want to travel with style and comfort.
  • Bikes and scooters: Integration with bike and scooter services available in your city, making it even easier to get around and offering fun, eco-friendly and efficient transportation alternatives.
  • Lyft Concierge: Allows companies and organizations to schedule rides for their employees or clients, providing convenience and efficiency in corporate transportation management.
  • Variety of vehicle types: Options ranging from standard cars to larger, more affordable vehicles to meet different transportation needs.

Competing with other apps

In the dynamic world of transportation apps, Lyft faces significant competition. Its main competitors include Uber, Via, Gett, Curb, and others.

Although it's only available in the United States and Canada, Lyft has continued to grow, challenging its competitors with unique features and benefits. Each tries to differentiate itself through quality of service, ease of use of the app, geographic coverage and price.

The end of the ride and my trip balance

Although Lyft is free to download and available for both IOS and Android, the trips have a cost that varies depending on the distance, time, and demand at the moment.

A fun fact about Lyft is that originally their cars were distinguished by a giant pink mustache on the front, a fun wink that has become part of their iconic history.

In my opinion, Lyft has everything a transportation app should have. However, as a matter of convenience and trust, I prefer Uber. It all depends on the user's taste, the availability of the app in their area, and whether its features fit their needs.


  • 24 hours assistance.
  • Different methods of mobility.
  • Extra security measures to always know where you are and who your drivers are.


  • Prices can vary significantly depending on demand.
  • Trips can be expensive for some users.
  • Only available in a few cities.
129903 reviews



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