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Health monitoring has made significant advances in the digital age, into our daily lives. Clue is an app that was designed to help women track their menstrual cycles.

All of this includes predicting future periods accurately and helping to understand reproductive health. Let's find out why it makes an outstanding choice for menstruation cycle tracking.

The app offers an intuitive and easy to use platform where it allows users to record data about their menstrual cycle, moods, and symptoms to help understand the different stages of the menstrual cycle by its scientific and accurate approach.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking

Club allows users to register information such as period onset and duration, which helps to predict future menstrual cycles and fertile periods in order to plan and manage reproductive health more effectively.


  • Club is available for free on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices, and also offers a version with premium features that give access to additional functions.
  • In regard to the space required, 100 MB is needed to install it on the mobile device.
  • The app is also available to access through its web version, which allows users to use the platform from a web browser instead of relying exclusively on the mobile app.

Menus and Functions

  • Main screen: Displays a summary of the current cycle, with the most important information, such as the phase of the current cycle and the prediction of future periods.
  • Cycle: Here the calendar, symptom graphs and moods of this tab are displayed.
  • Register: In this section you can enter user specific data, this helps significantly to obtain better predictions.
  • Analysis: Provides a detailed analysis of the entered data, showing trends and patterns in visual graphs for easy reading.
  • More: Here you can find additional settings such as customization of notifications and reminders, such as premium account management.

Education and resources

In the app, you can find articles written by reproductive health experts on various topics such as the biology of the menstrual cycle and wellness tips. It also offers resources to connect users with a supportive community where they can find other user's experiences and advice.

Notifications and reminders

Personalized reminders can be set for many health related activities such as taking the birth control pill, taking medical tests, recording symptoms or moods. These notifications help users stay on track with their health routines.

Data Collection

In order to contribute to community reproductive health research, Clue collects data anonymously, and although this information is used to improve accuracy and support scientific studies, this does not compromise the privacy of users as all the information is encrypted and protected.


A very useful feature is that it has a calendar that can be configured by weekly or monthly view and also presents visible graphs. These graphs show patterns of symptoms, recorded data, and moods. This allows us to understand trends in the period.

Data protection

Clue takes privacy and security seriously within the platform, all data is encrypted so that nothing is shared with third parties, it also offers the option to control what data you want to share and store.

Premium version

  • Detailed predictions, including hormone fluctuation data.
  • Customized reports that can be shared with your doctor.
  • Exclusive content with more useful tips.
  • No ads which enhance the experience in daily use.

What I think about this amazing app

The app works well, its predictions are accurate, and all functions are easily accessible within the platform. The graphs and calendar help to understand health patterns. As for the education it provides, it has helped me make informed decisions.

In my opinion, it meets the requirements and is easy to use, so I would recommend it.


  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Accurate and detailed menstrual cycle tracking.
  • Visual calendar and graphs.
  • Educational articles and health resources.


  • Some advanced features require premium subscription.
  • Free version includes ads.
  • Requires regular data entry to maintain accuracy.
31936 reviews



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