If you like strategy games, Clash Royale will become one of your favorite games. This game combines the best of card RPGs and battle strategy games to create a highly entertaining online multiplayer video game. This game has become so popular that hundreds of similar games have been created since its release, but none as good as this one.

Clash Royale was born as a spin off game of the popular strategy game Clash of Clans, taking some of the popular characters and adding some new characters with different powers. In Clash Royale we forget to build and protect our village and focus only on using the power of each character intelligently to defeat the enemy in 1v1 or 2v2 online turn-based battles.

We invite you to continue reading this post to learn more about Clash Royale and its features. This game is available for Android and iOS mobile devices only, and can be downloaded from the app stores of each mobile device. We have left the download links for this game at the end of this post, in case you want to try Clash Royale for yourself.

Enter a world of amazing magical characters and battles with Clash Royale

Clash Royale works basically like a card game, where each character has special powers that allow them to perform attack or defense actions during each battle. The idea is to use the cards with an intelligent strategy to defeat the opponent and thus gain experience points and prizes.

In addition to powers, each character has weaknesses, so it's important to use each character wisely so you don't lose the game. Some characters are perfect for attacking, others for defending, and you'll even find magic or healing cards that will allow you to revive characters.

By playing Clash Royale you can enjoy all these features:

Battles online and in multiplayer mode

Each of the battles in Clash Royale takes place in real time with real players, who can be your friends or random players from anywhere in the world. The battles are by turns, without a defined time, and can be 1 against 1 or 2 against 2. In the battles in pairs, you can team up with your friends.

During a battle you can communicate with your opponent or with your team through text or voice chat.

Prizes in each battle

The winner of each battle will be able to choose a chest containing special prizes, such as troop, defense or spell cards. In the game there are more than 100 cards that can be used in battles and some of them are very rare and difficult to get. The more battles you win; the more chances you have to find rare cards.

Participate in events and win special prizes

Every month special events are opened where you can participate to earn experience points and the possibility of getting a rare character. By participating in these competitions you will be able to position yourself among the best Clash Royale players in the world and compete against the best.



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