Few games for video game consoles have a mobile version as good and complete as Call of Duty. With Call of Duty Mobile you can take all the fun of one of the most popular shooting games in the world anywhere on your mobile device. We invite you to discover all that Call of Duty Mobile has to offer.

Call of Duty Mobile presents us with a new way of playing, with different game modes, all of them multiplayer in real time, a large number of new weapons and one of the best Battle Royale of the highest quality for mobile devices.

This game is available for Android and iOS and since its launch in 2019 it has had more than 100 million downloads. One of the best things is that Call of Duty Mobile is completely free to play and although it has some optional purchases to enhance the experience, you can still enjoy the game without having to pay.

Discover a new way to play one of the most popular games with Call of Duty Mobile

With Call of Duty Mobile you can enjoy an experience worthy of a video game console from your mobile device. This game includes various game modes to demonstrate your skill with weapons, a voice chat to communicate with your team, HD graphics and a special design for mobile devices that will allow you to control the game without any problem, whether on Smartphones or tablets.

These are some of the most amazing features of Call of Duty Mobile that will make you want to download this game right now.

Play in team duels

Call of Duty Mobile has several game modes that will be unlocked as you earn experience points. In this mode, teams of 5 face each other on small battlefields, in 5-minute duels. The game is over when the time expires, and upon death, players respawn in the safe zone to continue playing. The team with the most kills during the challenge wins.

Discover the best Battle Royale

This game also includes a Battle Royale mode, where you will face up to 99 other players in matches of up to 15 minutes. This mode includes several HD maps that you can choose from before you start playing, and the game can be entered in pairs. When the match starts, the player will be able to choose where on the map to start playing, and then they will have to search for weapons, protection and medical equipment to heal in case of injuries.

A unique feature that the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale has is that you can choose a type of character to enter the Battle Royale, such as medic, mercenary and others. Each character has its own advantages that help each game strategy.

Get amazing weapons and skins

In Call of Duty Mobile you can find a large collection of weapons to use in each of the game modes, as well as skins and accessories to customize your character.



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