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Amazon is one of the largest tech companies in the world and provides a wide range of services, from online shopping and e-commerce to digital streaming and artificial intelligence. Together with Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and Google, Amazon belongs to the Big Five American technology companies.

The Amazon website was launched in 1994 and originally focused on the selling of books online. Over time, the company grew and expanded to other areas, until it became one of the biggest marketplaces in the world. Nowadays, Amazon has its own stores in several countries and ships to almost every country in the world, except for a limited set of nations. If you are looking for a safe and trusted online shop, Amazon is, no doubt, one of the best options available.

What you can buy on Amazon

On Amazon, you can find pretty much anything. Honestly, they sell everything. These are only a few of the categories of products that you can find:

  • Books and e-readers: Kindle, kindle accessories, e-books, books.
  • Electronics: cameras, cellphones, GPS, headphones, home audio, security and surveillance, televisions, smartwatches.
  • Computers: computers, tablets, data storage, monitors, laptop accessories, printers, scanners, servers.
  • Smart Home: Alexa devices, security cameras, smart locks, heating and cooling, home entertainment, voice assistants.
  • Arts & crafts: painting supplies, drawing supplies, needlework, printmaking, scrapbooking, sewing, party decorations, gift wrapping.
  • Fashion: women's, men's and kids' fashion, jewelry, accessories, shoes.
  • Beauty and personal care: makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, tools and accessories, hair removal.
  • Home and Kitchen: bedding, furniture, home decor, lighting, irons, vacuums, wall art, storage, and organization.
  • Industrial and scientific: cutting tools, abrasives and finishing products, fasteners, lab products, professional dental supplies, raw materials.
  • Gift Cards: e-gift cards, gift cards by mail, amazon cash.

Your orders page

Once you open an Amazon account, you will have access to the Your Orders page. Here you will find all the information regarding your orders. On the first tab, you will find all the orders you have placed since the creation of your account, including the products, the date on which you purchased them, the amount you paid, the order number, and the date on which they arrived at your address.

There is also the "Buy again" button, that allows you to re-purchase an item easily with just one click. There are also tabs with information about orders that have not been sent yet and orders that have been canceled, so you can keep track of all your orders.

How to download the app

The Amazon app is available for Android devices, as well as for devices with iOS operating systems. To download the app, simply visit the App Store or Google Play on your phone or tablet and tap the "Install" button. Once you download the app, you will have to sign in if you already have an account or register if you are new to Amazon. Once you have your account set up, you can start filling your cart!

Returns and replacements

If you received an item via Amazon and you would like to return it, you can do so. Amazon accepts returns of almost all the products sold through their app. Amazon will accept the return of products that are new and have not been opened, up to 30 days after the delivery of the product. Refunds are processed within 7 days upon receiving the returned item and the refund takes 2 to 3 weeks.

If you would like to replace your purchase, you can do so. Keep in mind that you can only replace it with an identical product, and you are responsible for shipping the damaged item back to Amazon within 30 days after receiving it. If you would like to replace your order with a different product, you will have to return the item purchased and place a new order.


  • Wide variety of products.
  • Available in most countries.
  • Long-standing and safe app.


  • Only 30 days to return an item.
  • Not available worldwide.
  • Sometimes the items do not match the description.
307154 reviews



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